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calfheadAn exciting new product that combines everything that a new born calf needs to fend off calf scours. Each 10cc dose of Optimizer Calf Gel combines 8 billion lactic acid bacteria and antibodies to provide protection against leading causes of calf scours.

"This year we incorporated Optimizer Cal Gel in our arsenal to eliminate scours in our newborn calves. Since we have switched to Optimizer we have not had an outbread of scours of any kind. Between antibodies and the microbes in the gel our calves are a lot healthier."

Bob Grass, Grass-Lunning Simmentals, Leroy, MN

   "We have been using Optimizer Calf Gel for almost five months with very good results. Calf health has improved and we no longer have to treat early calf scours. We previoustly used First Defense for our newborn preventive scour protection at $7.20/ head and now we use Optimizer Calf Gel at $2.09/head. We're very pleased with the Optimizer Gel and how well it has worked for our dairy herd. Thanks AgVenture! You make our life a little easier!"

Todd, Rhonda and Seth Snitker, Waukon, Iowa

Easy to Use:
-Total protection in one eassy to use dial-a-dose tube
-20X Stronger and 20X more effective than any product on the market
-Only the best strains of microbial bacteria used
-Including the patented Enterococcus M74 and the new Optimizer anitbodies
-Everything a new born calf needs to fend off calf scours

"Very few products seem to work as advertised, but Optimizer Calf Gel does; it is excellent! We started using Optimizer a couple of years ago and calf health has been great; the calves are aggressive and eat well. Optimizer Calf Gel works better than First Defense at a much more reasonable price"
Brian & Becky Meisgeier, Arlington Iowa

 "At Eberspacher Ent Inc, we would not even consider a calving season without having Optimizer Calf Gel on hand. The first season of using this product resulted in extremely healthy calves. They exhibited great enthusiasm at birth to get up and nurse, along with maintaining no sickness. It is rewarding to be able to go through a complete calving season with such healty calves."
Eberspacher Ent Inc, Marshall Minnesota

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*$28 per 80cc tube
    $3.50 per 10cc dose
*$116 per case (6 tubes)
    $2.42 per 10cc dose
Guaranteed anitbody levels against:
- Bovine Rotavirus (BRV)
- Bovine corona virus (BCV)
- Pricine rotatus (SwRV)
- Escherichia coli K99 (F5)
- Escherichia coli K88 (F4)
- Escherichia coli 987P (F6)
- Escherichia coli F18
Directions of Use:
Calves: Administer 10cc of gel orally to calves on back of the tongue. Adjust the dial on the plunger to the proper amount and remove the cap. Depress plunger to eject the proper amount of gel.

Dwight Ward
65064 250th Ave Kasson, MN 55944
Email dwightward7601@gmail.com

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